Bryan Cranston speaks about emotional experience in Irish pub

Bryan Cranston speaks about an emotional experience in an Irish pub

Hollywood star Bryan Cranston has spoken about visiting Ireland – and a particularly emotional moment he experienced in an Irish pub.

The Breaking Bad star’s family come from Armagh, but he hasn’t visited the North yet. However, in the South he had what he called a ‘typical great experience in Ireland’.

The story took place in O’Connor’s pub in Doolin, which Cranston visited while he was in Ireland.

Bryan Cranston speaks about an emotional experience in an Irish pub

Cranston told “We went there on a Sunday. The locals are coming in. I kid you not, after I ordered some Guinness and I had a little stew – my wife said it was within 20 minutes there was a child, a baby, on my lap!

It seems that the while the father was playing in the band nearby, the child had mistaken Cranston for his dad and reached up to him to pick him up.

Cranston continued: “The mother was looking over and it was like ‘oh, ok’. It was so trusting and so familial. It was an experience that we don’t have in the States very much. There’s an openness to it. There’s a lovingness and a trust.

“So that was a very emotional experience to me. My daughter and my wife were with us and we’re looking at each other and were like ‘this is grand, this is just great!’”

Elsewhere in the interview the Cranston discussed his latest movie – the Wes Anderson animation Isle of Dogs.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling