One in ten British people can’t pick out Ireland on a map

One in ten British people can’t pick out Ireland on a map of Europe

GoCompare Travel surveyed a thousand people from the UK and a thousand people from America and asked them to correctly name a highlighted country on the map of Europe.

Amazingly, 10% of the Britons asked failed to identify Ireland on the map, despite it being right next door and actually part of the same island as Northern Ireland.

One in ten British people can’t pick out Ireland on a map of Europe

The most common countries that were mistaken for Ireland by the Brits were Denmark, the UK itself and Iceland.

On average the UK participants achieved only 65% in the test, with Slovakia being the most troublesome country to locate.

One third correctly found it on the map, while the same number mistakenly named it as Hungary.

The other most frequent incorrect guesses were Latvia and Switzerland.

As for the Americans’ knowledge of Europe? Well it wasn’t much better, in fact it was even worse!

The average score for the US participants was just 49%.

The figures for the American knowledge of Ireland were not published as part of the report, only that Albania proved the most difficult country for them to identify.

Half the Americans wrongly guessed it Croatia, 9% said Ukraine and 7% thought it was the UK.

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Written by Andrew Moore