British workers love hearing good news from someone with an Irish accent

British workers like hearing an Irish accent

British people love to hear an Irish accent when they’re at work as it is considered to be more calming than any UK accent.

That is according to a survey by telecommunications company Moneypenny, who asked UK workers to rate various accents across Britain and Ireland.

The accents listed for selection were Liverpudlian, Brummie, Glaswegian, Geordie, Northern Irish, Mancunian, Eastender (London), Welsh, Edinburgh, West country (excluding Bristolian). Bristolian, Norfolk, Yorkshire, and Southern Irish.

The majority of the respondents (71%) felt that the accent of a person conveying a message could play a significant role in how well or badly it would be received.

Being interrupted at work can be annoying for many people so it is certainly beneficial to be able to communicate in a way that the other person doesn’t mind.

Unfortunately for the English, none of their accents were considered calming enough to reach the top four.

The Irish accent was named at the top of the list with 17% of the vote, This was followed by Welsh with 12%, then Edinburgh with 8% and Northern Irish with 6%.

The Irish accent was also the best for delivering news to a colleague – whether the news was good or bad.

For bad news, 16% of respondents preferred to hear it from a person with an Irish accent, followed by Welsh, with 14% and Edinburgh and Yorkshire in joint third with 12%.

For delivering good news, Irish was the favourite accent with 17% of the vote, while Yorkshire received 16% and Welsh 15%.

Irish was considered the joint ‘least annoying’ along with West Country, Yorkshire and Norfolk.

Irish was also considered to be both the third ‘most encouraging’ and third for ‘customer service’ behind Yorkshire and Geordie for each category.

For more information visit the Moneypenny website.


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