British mock their own Prime Minister Johnson as he fidgets next to Irish Taoiseach

British mock Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson found himself the butt of the joke after his shuffling, fidgety behaviour during a joint press conference with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

The two leaders met in Dublin to discuss Britain’s departure from the European Union and the impact that would have on both countries.

Varadkar spoke calmly and politely but nevertheless delivered some devastating home truths to Johnson about his plan to take Britain out without a deal in place on October 31, come what may.

British mock Boris Johnson

Ireland and the rest of the EU, together with at least half the population of Britain, fear this would be damaging to everyone involved.

Johnson fidgets and looks uncomfortable and then suddenly rubs his hands through his hair before stretching out his arms full length. Varadkar carried on regardless, delivering his devastating assessment of Britain’s approach to Brexit.

It wasn’t long before the British and Irish public were having some fun with Johnson for his strange behaviour.

First the original video, described as disrespectful by many British observers.

Then we have the parodies with people showing great imagination and technical expertise.

The ‘organ grinder’ featured below is Dominic Cummings, who led the Leave campaign. He’s widely regarded as the man behind Boris Johnson’s claim that Britain would have an extra  £350m a week to invest in its health service if it left the EU.

It swayed many people to vote for Brexit but Johnson has since reneged on the promise.

Cummings was appointed chief of staff by Johnson after he became Prime Minister. Cummings is widely regarded as the puppet master pulling Johnson’s strings.

Parody Boris Johnson

And the British love Father Ted almost as much as we do.