Brilliant mockumentary of university group project from Limerick students


A group of Irish photography students have created a comical mockumentary about their collaboration work on a project for their course.

Alice Murphy, Brendan Cahill and Cormac Hughes must shoot a 5-minute documentary as part of their photography course, and they have four weeks to complete the task.

Brilliant mockumentary of university group project from Limerick students

The video, called ‘Brief 3’, shows the trio’s struggle as they embark on the creative process with their new colleagues in a typical university student manner.

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The early weeks are full of enthusiasm, with the group relaxed and confident that they will be able to work together effectively to secure a pass on the module.

The laid back approach soon lands them in trouble though, when they fail to come up with any good ideas for the project, and the cracks soon begin to show in their relationships.

Throughout the video though, the students remain positive and upbeat to the camera, trying to convince the viewer, and themselves, that everything will end up just fine.

The humour in the video is subtle and understated, but is delivered brilliantly by the talented trio, and will be recognisable to anyone who has ever had to complete a piece of group work at university.

Enjoy the video.