Irish bride raps her wedding speech – incredible!

Irish bride raps her wedding speech

An Irish bride stole the show at her wedding reception by delivering an incredible speech as a rap to the classic Vanilla Ice song Ice Ice Baby.
There have been numerous wedding speeches in recent years performed in the form of song, from Irish groom’s best men, maids of honour and fathers of the bride, but does this bride take the crown?
Irish bride raps her wedding speech
Ina O’Brien got married to Aidan Dwyer in Sligo. The wedding party was given a major spark by the bride herself, as she got up in front of all her friends and family and performed her flawless rap, telling the story of her love for her new husband.
She was expertly supported by two of the groomsmen who acted as backing dancers.
One of the lyrics from Ina’s rap was: “My mums so proud so Aidan take a bow, mainly because I’m your problem now. Happy, it’s what we are together, baby – I love you forever.”
The performance was full of comical lines and heartfelt sentiments, and Ina’s stunned husband Aidan just looked on amazed at the talents of his new wife.
The video has received huge praise from Ina and Aidan’s friends and family and has been shared and liked across social media thousands of times.
Take a look at Ina in action for yourself.