Brendan O’Carroll would have been a ‘dictator’ if he had gone into politics

Brendan O’Carroll would have been a ‘dictator’ if he had gone into politics

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll has revealed he considered following in his mother’s footsteps and pursuing a career in politics, except he would have become a ‘dictator’.

The Dublin comic has enjoyed huge success over the past decade with his Irish matriarch character Mrs Brown.

Brendan O’Carroll would have been a ‘dictator’ if he had gone into politics

The journey has been a long one for O’Carroll, as he spent many years trying to make it in comedy before he finally made it big.

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Earlier in his career he considered going into politics as his mother Maureen had also done. She worked as a Labour TD for Dublin North-Central in the 1950s.

O’Carroll said: “Politics is in the family so what I used to say back then, ‘I will run for office when I have enough money and I don’t need to depend on the money it pays.’

“But when I got that sort of money, I decided, f**k that, I’m not going to be a politician. But had I decided to be a politician, I would have been an ‘Il Duce’ ­ dictator’.

“I wouldn’t start negotiating with ministers, I would say this needs doing. Now get it done. Democracy doesn’t allow for that.”

“Try and pick a country that doesn’t have the same problem. A lot of it is down to politicians being in a bubble.

“In America, that bubble got burst the wrong way and they ended up elected a guy who they hoped would disrupt things but he disrupted things in a different kind of way.

“If you ask most politicians, they’ll tell you their re-election campaign starts the morning after their election.

“If we had a maximum of two terms, politicians would actually get everything done on their second term because they weren’t looking for re-election. They’d sort out the homeless and the hospitals.

“Instead every five years ­someone else comes in with a new idea and they change it, that just leads to waste and things getting overlooked.”

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