Mr Boogie Woogie runs into music legend on the piano and greatness occurs

Brendan Kavanagh and Terry Miles You Are My Sunshine

Now perhaps it is just this writer, but with all the troubles and problems in the world these days sometimes it is nice to just find a feel-good story that lifts the spirits.

Step forward the piano maestro Brendan Kavanagh – aka Mr Boogie Woogie.

Kavanagh is a hugely gifted pianist that plays the public pianos in and around London to entertain the commuters and passersby.

He records all his videos and uploads them onto his YouTube channel where he has amassed a following of nearly a million and a half people.

Kavanagh never lets us down and if you want to brighten your mood then a quick look at one of his short videos is sure to do the trick.

In his latest release, he is joined by none other than professional musician Terry Miles.

Miles was a part of the electronic band Death in Vegas and is a brilliantly talented pianist himself.

With his long hair, raincoat and sunglasses, he looks every inch the veteran British rock star and its great to see he hasn’t lost any of his passion for music.

What could have been a clash of the titans in fact turns into a dream team to beat all others as the pair take it in turns to play the piano, or even take a half each and combine to create some sweet, sweet music.

Perhaps they were influenced by the recent heatwave the UK has been experiencing because the song they chose to perform was You Are My Sunshine.

We all know the classic song, but these guys add their own funk and jazz to the piece, hence Kavanagh’s alter ego name of Mr Boogie Woogie.

When two talents like this collaborate then it is a joy to watch. They both have the skill to recognise the music and key etc, meaning they can jump on and off the piano to add to the performance at any point and enhance the song.

It is the level of ability that most casual amateur pianists can only dream of and look on with some envy but an overriding admiration.

Kavanagh and Miles take it in turn to lead the performance with each letting the other take the star role and even stepping away from the piano to act as hype-man for the performance with a few dance moves to liven up the gathering crowd.

Sometime, there is little more to say, and you just need to see and hear it for yourself.

Take a look at the video below and enjoy.

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