Boogie Woogie pianist thrills youngster by bringing nursery rhyme to life

Piano star thrills youngster by bringing nursery rhyme to life with Boogie Woogie

Our favourite internet pianist has been busy in London since the covid lockdown began to ease.

Irish-born Brendan Kavanagh, otherwise known as Mr Boogie Woogie, is an incredibly gifted piano player.

He frequently plays the public pianos in the bustling train stations of London and captures the attention of otherwise busy commuters.

In his latest video, Kavanagh is seen praising a young pianist in his performance of the classic nursery rhyme Mary had a Little Lamb.

He encourages the boy to complete the piece and reassures him to be confident and enjoy playing and improving on the instrument.

In all his videos, Kavanagh is always respectful and encouraging to fellow pianists, whatever their age, ability and anything else.

He never rushes them to finish or tries to take over the performance.

However, he does always have a surprise up his sleeve as when he sits down and plays, he shows what a gifted player he is. You don’t get a name like Mr Boogie Woogie for nothing!

In this video, the boy’s mum senses Kavanagh is more than just a generous passerby, and invites him to have a go on the piano himself.

Kavanagh uses his classic joke as he seats himself in front of the piano and asks for help from his audience to find ‘middle C’.

The illusion that he doesn’t know his way round the piano though, is quickly broken as he begins playing the same song as the young star had previously.

Using only one finger from each hand, Kavanagh rapidly plays the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb, with a few fancy chords thrown in to liven it up.

The boy and his mum were already impressed when Kavanagh began to turn up the heat and display his complete mastery of the instrument.

What followed was a brilliantly entertaining, foot-tapping medley of the nursery rhyme with all sorts of Boogie Woogie expertise.

The boy and his mum were thrilled to hear such brilliant playing. It will surely serve as an inspiration to the young player.

Plenty more people had gathered round by the end of the performance to offer Kavanagh a round of applause.

He graciously thanked his audience and encouraged the young star to take a seat again and play him something else.

Take a look at the video in full for yourself, and if you like what you see, there are links to many more of Kavanagh’s videos below.

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