Breaking Bad star calls out to the ‘People of Ireland’

Irish fans of the hit TV series Breaking Bad were singled out as actor Bob Odenkirk, who played crooked lawyer Saul, sent a video message to the ‘People of Ireland’.
Odenkirk is promoting the highly anticipated spin-off series ‘Better Call Saul’ which is a prequel to Breaking Bad and focuses on Saul’s life and career before he became involved with characters such as Walter White.
Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk has a message for the people of Ireland
In his video, Odenkirk called on the people of Ireland to put down their Guinnesses and remember to watch the new series Better call Saul which started this week on Netflix.
He then added: “Yeah I bet you were drinking a Guinness weren’t you?”
The video then featured some clips from the upcoming series and reveals that before the character was called Saul he was called Jimmy McGill.
We can forgive Odenkirk for resorting to the old Irish stereotype just this once as the series looks great, we can’t wait.
Take a look at the video below.