Bono happy to take showbiz advice from Bruce Springsteen

Bono happy to take showbiz advice from Bruce Springsteen

There are not many musicians with a bigger star status than Bono and U2, but even Bono himself was happy to admit that Bruce Springsteen is truly ‘The Boss’.
Both Springsteen and U2 were guests on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show and the host mentioned that when he has watched U2 in concert it feels like almost a ‘religious experience’.

Kimmel added that the only other performer that he has also experience that feeling with was Bruce Springsteen.
Bono replied by saying that as U2 don’t have an official boss within the band they have always liked to consider Springsteen as ‘The Boss’.
As both acts have spent many years at the top of the music industry, their paths have crossed several times.
Bono revealed that Springsteen has always been very generous with his advice and on key piece of guidance he once gave to Bono was: “Don’t do television.”
The reasoning behind the words of wisdom was that when on television, the viewer has the option to turn you up or down.
Bono explained that Springsteen said to him: “They [the viewers] could be making a cup of coffee when you’re in there telling your story.”
The Irish rocker then joked: “But of course they don’t do that on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.”
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Andrew Moore