Bob Geldof is scathing in criticism of both Republican and Democratic politicians in the US

Bob Geldof

Irish star Bob Geldof has criticised the choice of politicians available to the American public and said they are being failed by both sides.

The former Boomtown Rats frontman told the Daily Beast that he believed Donald Trump would be re-elected.

He said this was largely due to the ‘great failure of the absolutely pathetic Democratic Party’.

Bob Geldof

He went on to explain that, while he likes their policies, they are not vote winners and therefore will not work as a suitable alternative to the current administration.

Geldof said: “They need to stop this health care for all, and climate reduction. That’s not going to happen, so stop saying it.

“I know young people want that and they’re correct to want it, and America deserves it.

“The message should be ‘Steady as she goes, let’s go back to being a country that looks outside ourselves; we’re Jeffersonian, we’re idealistic. That’s what we gave the world.’

“That will appeal to Americans, because that’s what they believe themselves to be. They’re not, but they believe themselves to be that.”

Geldof is no fan of Trump and worries that he will be very dangerous for the US if he is re-elected.

He said: “Trump will reduce the American republic to a state of infantilism and a plutocracy run by the very few, very wealthy, to its own ends.

“We’re looking at something exactly like the fall of the Roman Empire. This is just pre-the end. Trump has got fine populist instincts, and therefore, speaks to the moment. But he is a vulgar fool, and a very dangerous one.”

Geldof added that it will ultimately be the people who suffer for decisions he makes in office.

He said: “He borrows, the business is s***, it goes bankrupt, and he calls Chapter 11 and screws everyone who gave him money.

“America can’t call Chapter 11. What will get screwed are the people of America.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community