Better job prospects tempting emigrants to return

Many Irish people living abroad are being tempted back as the economy continues to recover from the recession.

There were 49% more professional jobs available in Ireland in December 2014 than there were at the same time of 2013.

Better job prospects tempting emigrants to return
The news has given some Irish emigrants a decision to make as to whether or not they can afford to return home to be close to their families.
Thousands of talented young people left Ireland throughout the last ten years as the economy couldn’t provide them with employment and salaries matching their skills.
That trend may be coming to an end according to a report carried out by Morgan McKinley Irish Employment monitor. Karen O’Flaherty of Morgan McKinley told the “SMEs were more active in 2014 and are now competing with multinationals for similar talent. We forecast that this will continue into 2015.
“It was also evident that employers who had hired contractors in 2014 are more likely to offer permanent roles in 2015 in order to secure talent. This is a strong indicator of business confidence returning to the market.
“There was a strong demand in 2014 for candidates with multilingual skills, in particular Nordic, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew.
“We anticipate renewed confidence and activity in hiring from existing and new employers in 2015.”
The survey also found that many Irish people would consider moving back home even if it meant taking a drop in salary.