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Meryl Streep can add the ‘best Irish accent in Hollywood’ to her long list of achievements

The queen of Hollywood Meryl Streep has another title to add to her endless list of awards and accolades.

The Devil Wears Prada actress has been named as the star with the best Irish accent in a film out of a list of several movie legends.

Meryl Streep can add the ‘best Irish accent in Hollywood’ to her long list of achievements. Photo copyright PhotoTakeReality CC3

Streep played Kate Mundy in the 1998 drama Dancing at Lughnasa set in Donegal.

She received an overall rating of three out of five for her effort at the Donegal accent.

Although that score is a long way from top marks, it is the highest rating any Hollywood star received for their attempts at an Irish accent.

The scores were handed out by Irish people living in the US after language learning app Babbel asked them to rank the actors’ efforts.

Babbel asked more than 20,000 Irish people from heritage groups including The New York Irish Center and The Irish Cultural Center of New England.

Brad Pitt was given a score of 2.6/5 for his Belfast accent in The Devil’s Own from 1997, while Julia Roberts scored 2.4/5 for her Longford brogue in the 1996 biographical drama Michael Collins.

Those scores were enough to rank Pitt and Roberts as the second and third best irish accents in Hollywood respectively.

At the other end of the scale was Michael J Fox for his attempt at an Irish accent in the third instalment of the Back to the Future franchise. His portrayal of Seamus McFly, the Irish-born great-great grandfather of Marty McFly, scored Fox only 1.1/5.

Other Hollywood superstars to have their Irish accents ranked include Leo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Take a look below at the YouTube trailers for the respective movies, and see if you rank the Irish accents in the same way as the 20,000 Irish people surveyed by Babbel.

Richard Gere was given a score of 2/5 for his role as as Declan Joseph Mulqueen in The Jackal in 1997.

Cameron Diaz scored slightly better (1.8/5) than her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio (1.4/5) for their Irish accents in the Martin Scorcese 2002 thriller Gangs of New York.

Tommy Lee Jones was given a score of 1.7/5 for his Irish accent as Ryan Gaerity in the 1994 thriller Blown Away.

Tom Cruise’s effort at an Irish accent in the 1992 drama Far and Away was not ranked highly in the survey with a score of 1.4/5.

Chris O’Donnell received a score of 1.3/5 for his role as Jack Foley in Circle of Friends (1995).

And last on the list was Michael J. Fox as Seamus McFly in Back to the Future III (1990), with a score of just 1.1/5.

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