Belfast student creates Adele spoof for election campaign

Belfast student creates Adele spoof for election campaign

A student at Queen’s University Belfast has launched her election campaign with a comical spoof video of Adele’s global megahit Hello.
Jessica Elder has put herself forward as a candidate to become the Student’s Union Welfare Officer.Belfast student creates Adele spoof for election campaign
She wanted to capture the imagination of her fellow students and stand out from her rivals. What she came up with is brilliant as she performs her own version of Brit Award-winner Adele’s Hello.
The video looks professional and could even be mistaken for the original from Adele as it mimics the colours and imagery.
Jessica stars in the video and shows she is an excellent singer as well as a political hopeful.
She introduces the song with the line: “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if you would make me your new Welfare VP.”
She then informs voters how easy and urgent it is for them to vote for her, and what her intention, if elected, will be:
“It’s so simple on Queen’s Online, I’m running out of time. Hello, vote for Jessica, Financial aid made clear for ya. I’ll tell you how to get everything that you need. My mission to look out for everyone.”
Jessica’s campaign is led by the clever tagline #jesswecan. She addressed her fellow students in her video description: “Never one to shy away from doing something a bit different, I decided I’d share some of my ideas through song. There’s no official release date for the single but who knows if I’m elected I’ll see what I can do. Maybe I could be the first Officer to win a BRIT.”
Jessica also thanked her team of canvassers and supporters and Richard Brown and Tim Purdue for helping her create the video.
It has certainly caught the eye and will make Jessica stand out from her rivals in the upcoming election.
Students will vote for who they want to elect as their Welfare Officer this week.