Beauty of Irish farming captured from sky

Bringing Home the Hay Paul Brennan. Irish drone cameraman.

Ireland’s leading farming videographer has produced another fantastic video showcasing the hard work and craftsmanship that takes place on Irish farms.
Paul Brennan has become an expert drone cameraman since purchasing his first drone in 2014.
Bringing Home the Hay Paul Brennan. Irish drone cameraman.
His passion for Irish farms, and the beauty of the countryside, has led him to create several professional videos that have proved to be very popular online.
His latest offering is called ‘Bringing Home The Hay – Square Baling’.
It was filmed on the farm of Ned Broderick in Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois and shows Ned cutting and creating dozens of hay bales with the help of colleagues Paddy Knowles, Tony Butler, John Langton, Pat Lawlor, and grand-daughters Molly Byrne and Georgina Welsh.
The efficiency of both the machines and the team are highly impressive, and give an interesting peek into a working day in rural Ireland.
The video is expertly shot and edited and given an extra boost of energy by its foot tapping American country music soundtrack.
Take a look and enjoy below.

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