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Video shows the beauty of Dublin at Christmastime

An Irish filmmaker produced a video of Dublin at Christmas to encourage people to take a moment during their busy lives and appreciate the beauty of their city.Video shows the beauty of Dublin at Christmastime
Garreth Caulfield is a graduate of Pulse College and has produced videos and short films for music stars including the Backstreet Boys and Aslan, as well as working with major companies such as Google and Setanta Sports.
He and fellow filmmaker Meagan Spellman decided to take a bit of time out from their busy schedule to make this short film to showcase the magic of the capital, especially at Christmas.
The video, called Baby it’s Cold Outside – Christmas in Dublin 2015, shows all sorts of festive scenes that occur in Dublin throughout the holiday season that many of us can take for granted.
In the video description Caulfield says: “Our Christmas present to Dublin 😀
“It’s sometimes hard to stop and take a few moments out of your busy life to take in the beauty of Dublin at Christmas time. We found some nuggets of festive allure throughout the city. Take some time to share with friends away for the holidays or just missing home.”
The video captures numerous warm scenes from Christmas lights, snowmen and shoppers to children riding on a merry-go-round and bar staff pouring drinks in their Christmas hats.
Caulfield and Spellman’s expertise enabled them to produce a fantastically simple but poignant film, which is made all the better by its soundtrack of one of everyone’s favourite Christmas songs.
Take a look for yourself below.

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas gift. I would so love to be in Ireland for the holidays, but that would mean being away from my family. Thank you for a wonderful trip through Dublin at this festive time of year.

  2. This was really disappointing. Dublin is huge and I was expecting spectacular photos.

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