Beautiful performance from Irish singer wins her a spot in ‘the Voice’

Colleen Gormley - Irish teacher wows fans and judges in nail-biting end to TV talent show

A Northern Irish woman became the last contestant to make it into the finals of the BBC talent show ‘The Voice’ after giving great performance in the nail-biting finale of the show.

Colleen Gormley only had one opportunity to make it into the next round of the series and she hit the jackpot after performing a beautiful cover of the Ronan Keating song ‘When You Say Nothing At All’.

She was the last contestant in the ‘blind auditions’ which see the judges sit with their backs to the singers so they are able to judge them on their voice rather than their looks.

Beautiful performance from Irish singer wins her a spot in ‘the Voice’

The 28-year-old teacher wowed all four judges – and even had two of them dancing to her performance – but it was only Black Eyed Peas star who could help her as the others had filled up every space on their teams.

Ever the showman, Will kept her waiting until the last possible second before revealing that he wanted Colleen on his team by spinning his chair around to face her.

While Will may have done his bit for the show by building up the tension to breaking point, it also gave the viewers a great chance to listen to Colleen’s performance, uninterrupted by the excitement of a judge’s decision to select her.

Colleen, from Claudy, Co Derry was thrilled to have been selected – even if it was at the last possible moment.

She wasn’t the only one as Will’s fellow judges could be seen jumping up and down in celebration at his decision.

Take a look at the video below.

Take a look at another video from Colleen, this time performing a beautiful cover of the song ‘Angels among us’.