Barry Keoghan on what he enjoys about coming home to Ireland from LA

Barry Keoghan

Irish star Barry Keoghan has spoken about how much he enjoys coming home to Ireland after he moved to LA in 2018.

Keoghan says that one of the things he misses about Ireland is going to the pub with friends and watching sport on the big screens.

However, he also admitted that once he gets home, he quickly becomes keen to head back to the States to take on a new project.

Barry Keoghan

The 27-year-old star is enjoying a sharp upward trajectory in his professional life, having made a big impression in a string of critically acclaimed movies including Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Black 47.

He is now set to star in Marvel superhero movie The Eternals later this year.

Despite his success, Keoghan still misses being back home.

He told the Irish Times: “LA is where the work is, man. I have to do that. I miss home, but when you get home you get itchy again. I want to get back to New York or LA. Being home like this is nice because you are coming home for something.

“But coming home just for the craic is different. You’re maybe down the pub every night. That’s not bad either. I do miss going in to watch a game on a Sunday and put a bet on with the lads. You do miss that.”

While it is great to be home, falling back into old habits can also be a quick way to lose focus, Keoghan spoke about how he struggles to find the right balance that allows him to enjoy his spare time while avoiding falling into old habits.

He said: “I haven’t gone back much. I go back to see my nanny. But when you go back you fall into old habits – like going into the pub. I don’t want to be doing that.

“I stay focused on my craft, if you get me. I still like a few drinks. But if you go back to any area that’s comforting, you fall back into that – drinking and so on.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community