Irish star Barry Keoghan reveals why Angelina Jolie reminds him of his grandmother

Angelina Jolie and Barry Keoghan

Irish actor Barry Keoghan has spoken about working with superstar Angelina Jolie – and why she reminds him of his grandmother!

Keoghan worked with Jolie in the Marvel movie The Eternals and has also spent some time with her and fellow star Selma Hayek promoting the film.

The star is grateful for Jolie’s support during the time they spent together and described her as a caring woman.

Angelina Jolie and Barry Keoghan

Keoghan had a troubled childhood. He was raised in a tough part of Dublin and was taken into care after his mother died of a heroin overdose.

While he liked the foster family he was placed with, he was delighted when he eventually went to live with his grandmother.

Keoghan told the Irish Times: “I am standing there with Angelina Jolie behind the curtain. You look up to these people and then they end up as these caring women who look after you.

“Growing up with women – like with my granny and that – it’s nice to have that on set. That maternal thing is great.

“Angelina is also a director. So she is looking out for us. That’s an experience. It was lovely. I look forward to getting back to that.”

The star added that his grandmother wouldn’t mind being compared to Jolie.

He said: “She’d love that. I’ll tell you. They all looked out for me.

“If I struggled, they all rooted for me. My granny is my centre. She always has been. She is a strong lady, my granny. She toughened me up all right.”

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