Ballymena Bear Christmas advert big hit online

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4 Responses

  1. Robhyn Loane says:

    A really great advertisement your shops and bear are beautiful. Merry Christmas from Montague Prince Edward Island

  2. Christine Fox says:

    Thank you for replying to my e.mail I really would like to purchase a bear like the Ballymena bear or one similar ,can I do this.Please let me know

  3. Christine Fox says:

    How would I purchase a bear like the Ballymena bear.

  4. Susan Ferrell says:

    While researching material for a book series that I am writing, The Whipple Wash Chronicles, I came across this Ad. What a wonderful little story. It also hit home on another point as I also design bears and often thought, wouldn’t be wonderful to have them as a lead in a film. Well done. Your story affirmed my belief that anything can happen if we work together to make it so.

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