Delicious Bailey’s treats to get your Valentine’s heart racing

Baileys Chocolate mini delights

Sweet tooths will be salivating at the thought of the latest product available from Baileys Irish Cream ahead of Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter.

The famous Irish drink company have brought out a new range of chocolate and caramel sweets.

The brand have often ventured out of their core business with products that relate to the iconic drink and now their ‘Chocolate Mini Delights’ with a salted caramel inside are likely to be one of the most popular variations yet.

Baileys Chocolate mini delights

The sweets are balls with a hard chocolate shell with a mini truffle inside. The truffle contains salted caramel along with an all-important dash of Baileys Irish Cream.

They are said to be so delicious that one customer of UK supermarket Morrison’s issued the following warning to other buyers as part of their review:

“CAUTION These chocolates are very very moorish and its really easy to polish off the whole 102g bag in one go! On that note maybe 250g bags would be better(?) 10/10.”

People from overseas can also buy the treats on Amazon.

Fans of Bailey’s are sure to be happy with a packet of the chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift.

However, it’s not just official products from the iconic company that are likely to get mouths watering.

If you want to make a delicious treat for your loved one, there are several recipes available on our site that utilise the Irish cream to its full potential to create delicious deserts.

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