Badly poured pint of Guinness upsets online community

A café has misfired in their attempts to use Guinness to generate interest in St Patrick’s Day because, well, they clearly don’t know how to correctly pour a pint of the black stuff.

Guinness is one of the most iconic brands from Ireland, and this St Patrick’s Day, millions of glasses will be expertly poured by skilled bartenders around the world.

Perhaps whoever poured the pint in this publicity shot by Railtown Café in Canada should be re-trained in the precision needed to get a pint of Guinness just right.

The photo was posted on social media by the café, to drum up business for St Patrick’s Day, but the response was not the one they were looking for.

Many readers were appalled at the standard of the pint.

Comments included:

“This is awful…. that pint needs to go down the drain…..a pint of Guinness should NEVER look like that!!!!!!”

“No Irish person would ever drink that, in fact if you served that up to me it would be thrown back over you….”

“He who poured such a travesty should be either sacked or stoned to death! Please fire everyone involved!”

“You owe the Nation of Ireland a written apology.”

“If a bar man in Ireland handed you that Guinness he’d be sacked on the spot”

“Arthur Guinness be turning in his grave”

Although some of the comments may seem a little harsh, most of them were in jest (we think). There is still plenty of time for the bartender at Railtown to hone his or her skills before the big day.

Perhaps a look at this video from the experts at the Guinness Storehouse will help.

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