13-week-old baby says 'I love you' to mum

13-week-old baby says 'I love you' to mum

A proud mother and father were stunned when their 13-week-old baby appeared to say ‘I love you’ on camera.
Ellie Reid is just over three months old. Her mum Claire was filming her as she cradled her in her arms and hummed to her.

Claire whispered to her baby ‘I love you’ and incredibly little Ellie responded by mimicking her mother’s words.
Ellie’s dad Grant was working away when he received the video from Claire.
He said: “I was working away in Inverness when Claire sent me the video. I couldn’t believe it. Ellie had just turned 13-weeks-old when the video was taken, so it really is unbelievable.
“I watched the video and straightaway I said: ‘Oh my God.’ I was just so shocked. You can see she is trying to copy what Claire is saying and it comes out so clear.
“We sent the video to our friends and family and they were all completely shocked too.”
“Claire is always interacting with Ellie and she always talks to her but this is the first time Ellie has responded.”
Proud mum Claire added: “Ellie hasn’t said anything since. It was just a fluke in the moment. She makes cute little noises and I think in that instance she was just trying to copy the noises I was making.
“We will show her the video when she’s older, but that’s a long way off yet.”
Claire and Grant have shared the video online and it has been viewed thousands of times.
Normally, babies will start to say single words such as ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ when they are around one year old, and begin to speak in sentences when they reach two.
Young Ellie is well ahead of schedule on that count then. Take a look at the incredible video below.

Written by Andrew Moore