Irishman entertains thousands with AstraZenica vaccine tune

Irishman entertains thousands with AstraZenica vaccine tune

An Irish father and his sons have become social media stars after they posted a video of their song “Roll out the AstraZeneca all across the nationwide!”

After the past 12 months have seen some form of lockdown or another in most countries around the world, people have started to struggle being in the same surroundings everyday.

The roll-out of the AstraZeneca covid vaccine signifies some light at the end of the tunnel with the prospect that we may be allowed to go out socially again to some extent in the near future.

Irish singer Eamonn Macdonncha decided to celebrate that fact and created a comical song that captures the mood of the Irish public.

He sits in front of the camera with his guitar and his sons Ciarán and Cóilín providing the backing vocals.

His song, Roll Out the AstraZeneca all Across the Nationwide, pokes fun at all sorts of famous personalities including some leading Irish politicians and even the Queen of England.

The performance was recorded by Eamonn’s wife Patricia, and she posted the video onto Facebook.

Within days, it had been viewed, shared and commented on by thousands of fans, friends and followers.

Take a look for yourself below.

If you think you recognise the tune then you might be right, because Eamonn wrote the lyrics and fit it around an old Irish song called Salonika.

Eamonn told his local paper the Meath Chronicle: “I was watching the news two or three evenings ago and heard the term Astra Zeneca and there is an Irish ballad called Salonika and I thought you could do a great skit on that one changing the words but using the same air.

“Salonika is a Cork song from the First World War. It’s about the Irish soldiers who went over to fight in the war and there were arguments in the city about who stayed at home and fought the British soldiers and who went to fight in the war.

“I thought I’d have some fun rewriting the song and give people a laugh and make them smile.”

With thousands of video views, and features in online news sites, Eamonn and his sons have certainly made an impression.

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