Around the world in 30 accents – what do you think of the Irish ones?

Animation of the English language spoken in 30 accents - What do you think of the Irish ones?

An animated video which features different accents from all over the world has proved to be a massive hit on YouTube, with over two million views.

The video – titled ‘The English Language in 30 Accents’ – was created by aspiring voice actor Jake Wardle and animator Chris Mendoza.

As Wardle introduces the video he is keen to point out that while many of the accents and animations may play up to certain stereotypes, they are meant as a bit of fun with no intention to offend.

Animation of the English language spoken in 30  accents - What do you think of the Irish ones?

While there may be a fair few stereotypes in the animation, Wardle has clearly shown plenty of imagination when deciding various scenarios to place his different characters into.

The video starts with several different English accents including the Cockney, Scouse and the posh gent.

It soon moves into Scotland where a menacing green giant is scaring children into eating their vegetables and then to Wales where a lonely politician is planning his glorious future.

After around four and a half minutes the animation makes its move across the Irish Sea where Wardle tries his hand at a Northern Irish accent, with his character in the middle of an angry phone conversation.

He then heads south to an unnamed city in the Republic (possibly Dublin) where a man is sat in an Irish pub dreaming of a ‘Personalised Irish GPS system’.

After Wardle has finished with Ireland, the globetrotting really begins. The first stop is the USA where he takes on a number of accents including the mafia and a southern state sheriff.

Other accents in the animation include Mexican, Jamaican, French, German, Italian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, South African and Nigerian.
Take a look at the video below.

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