Ardal O’Hanlon opposes brother in gay marriage referendum

Irish comedy star doesn’t agree with his brother on the same-sex marriage referendum

Irish comedy legend Ardal O’Hanlon has found himself opposed to his brother in the upcoming same sex marriage referendum.

The comedian, who is famous for his role as Dougal McGuire in Father Ted, is in favour of gay people having the right to marry.
He told the Irish Independent: “I’ll be voting ‘Yes’ and that’s no secret. I believe in equal rights for all members of society, so it’s a no-brainer for me.”
Irish comedy star doesn’t agree with his brother on the same-sex marriage referendum
However, he has discovered that his brother Rory is voting ‘No’. Not only that but Rory is also distributing pamphlets titled ‘10 reasons why homosexual marriage is harmful and must be opposed’.
Rory is secretary for the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation and believes that same sex marriage is a ‘moral wrong’.
He says that children have a right to have a mother and a father. Rory said: “You need male and female influences in your household, to give the child a better chance of getting over the many obstacles they face. It’s about the child’s happiness.
“I can foresee consequences if the State advocate it. Schools would have to teach children that same-sex marriage is normal and that’s not right.”
Rory believes Irish people should pay more attention to the Ten Commandments.
He added: “I wouldn’t expect the State to enforce them, but they should certainly not encourage turning a moral wrong into a civil right.”
The brothers’ father, also named Rory, was a Fianna Fáil politician, criticised the opposition parties for following the governments lead and taking a ‘Yes’ stance.
Rory Snr said: “The Opposition used to be good at questioning the Government, but they’ve all turned into a single party on issues like this.”
It would seem there could be some awkward moments for Ardal at the next O’Hanlon family get together. Click here for clips of Ardal O’Hanlon at his best.