The Aran Islands narrowly beaten to ‘best island in the world’ crown

The Aran Islands narrowly beaten to ‘best island in the world’ crown

The Aran Islands have been named as a the 6th best islands in the world by a leading travel guide.

Big 7 Travel created the list using feedback from more than 5,000 travellers, as well as the experience of their own writers.

The Aran Islands narrowly beaten to ‘best island in the world’ crown

Number one on the list was the secluded Icelandic island of Flatey, the setting for various movies and television shows.

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The Aran Islands were Ireland’s only entry in the top 50. Big 7 Travel described them as:

These three remote islands off Ireland’s west coast are like stepping back into time, with a rural charm and stunning scenery that will take your breath away.

Visitors can either walk around them or cycle the pretty road that are lined with hand built brick walls. Hear Gaeilge being spoken, enjoy fresh seafood and the simple things in life. The sheer cliffs looking out into the Atlantic ocean and the famous local hospitality make these a must visit for anybody who loves Ireland.

Being named in the top 10 islands in the world is a real coup for the Aran Islands, and great for Ireland as a whole.

They finished ahead of famously beautiful islands such as Tobago (44th), Rangitoto Island, New Zealand (28th), the Maldives (26th), Corsica (19th) and Ibiza (17th).

The Isle of Colonsay, Scotland (23rd) was the only British entry in the top 50.

Narrowly missing out to the winner Flatey came the paradise islands of was Korcula, Croatia (5th), Sommarøy, Norway (4th), Espiritu Santu, Vanuatu (3rd) and Palawan, Philippines (2nd).

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