Another cute kid singing Frozen song? This one has an Irish twist

Another cute kid singing Let It Go? This one has an Irish twist

One thing you will have certainly seen over the past 12 months is a YouTube video of a child singing one of the songs from the hit Disney movie Frozen.
So we have another one for you to enjoy, but this time it has its own unique Irish twist.
This little Irish boy entertains his guests at a family party by standing up and singing Let It Go – in Irish.
Another cute kid singing Let It Go? This one has an Irish twist
The brilliant performance has his relatives beaming with pride and of course he receives a round of applause and cheers once he has finished.
The video was posted on to YouTube a couple of days ago and is expected to attract quite a bit of attention in the next few weeks.
Take a look at the cute little fella’s performance below.

Disney’s Frozen proved to be a smash hit around the world. The catchy songs in the film became the subject of new trend of videos posted on to YouTube, both of kids singing them and adults lip syncing them, some with more success than others.
This little guy certainly nailed it, and by singing Let It Go in Irish he has a unique quality to his performance.
The preservation of the Irish language has been an issue of debate in Ireland for centuries. Great historical figures such as Douglas Hyde and William Smith O’Brien spent years of their lives encouraging people to use their native language.
In recent years, it appears as though Irish is making a comeback. It was reported that Irish language is making a return to colleges as thousands of students are choosing to include it as part of their studies.
There is also a music school in Galway that is doing their bit to promote the language to young people, by translating and performing pop songs and posting them online.