Andrew still delighted despite being pipped in Bake-Off final

Andrew Smyth Great British Bake Off

Ireland shows pride at Andrew Smyth for reaching Baking fans across Ireland and Britain have paid tribute to the three finalists of The Great British Bake Off.
The exciting series came to a close last night, with Londoner Candice being crowned the winner after narrowly beating off her rivals Jane and Andrew.
Andrew Smyth Great British Bake Off
Northern Ireland has shown great pride in their contestant, as 25-year-old engineer Andrew thrilled audiences and wowed the judges week after week with his ambitious and unique cake designs.
The fresh-faced youngster won the hearts of viewers with his positive attitude and never-say-die spirit.
The final was a real nailbiter too, as Andrew went head to heads with talented bakers Candice and Jane, in three daunting challenges which included a three layered meringue crown, a Victoria sponge and a 49 piece picnic hamper.
All three contestants did themselves proud and Candice was a worthy winner.
Despite falling at the last, Andrew’s parents are rightly incredibly proud of him.
In the show, his mum revealed that he was so intent on baking he even missed his own graduation.
Outside of the kitchen, Andrew works as an engineer for Rolls Royce, and has a degree from Cambridge University.
His father told the BBC: “He uses his organisational skills in his baking, his fondants at the end [of last week’s episode] were precision.”
Andrew also revealed it was tricky keeping the result of Bake-Off secret: “It was tough to keep it under my hat for quite a long time, especially in work after we had been filming at the weekends.”
Looking to the future, Andrew said: “I’m very excited to see what comes up, I’m keeping my options open.
“My colleagues don’t need to be alarmed that I’m leaving in the next couple of week, imminently, but I’d love to use Bake Off as an opportunity to get in to some form of science and engineering broadcasting.
“That’s my two loves in terms of teaching and explaining things to people, the engineering side, as well as baking.”
Andrew also added that he didn’t think it would be the end of Bake-Off, after presenters Mel and Sue and head judge Mary Berry revealed they won’t be returning when the show is moved to Channel 4.
“The reason people love Bake Off is because they can get involved and they can bake along too and that is always going to remain at the core of it.
“I don’t see a problem with it moving, it’s just a bit of a new chapter.”
You can take a look at the final in full below.

Written by Andrew Moore