Andrea Corr is loving life as a mother in a successful band

Andrea Corr - Talks about being back on tour with the Corrs and balancing being in a band with being a mother. Photo copyright Muchness cc3

Irish pop legend Andrea Corr has revealed that she is delighted to be back on stage and discussed how she balances being a mother and being in a band.

Andrea is the lead singer of the Corrs, the band she features in alongside her siblings, Sharon, Caroline and Jim.

The Corrs have enjoyed global success since they first broke onto the scene in the 1990s with hits such as Breathless, Runaway and So Young.

Andrea Corr - Talks about being back on tour with the Corrs and balancing being in a band with being a mother. Photo copyright Muchness cc3

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They took a bit of time out to raise families and pursue other projects but now they are back and revitalised, and Andrea is raring to go.

She told the Irish Sun that she had taken her kids to school in London, UK, in the morning before driving to Birmingham to perform in front of thousands of fans that evening.

She said: “Before the band seemed so overwhelming and all consuming. Now I feel I have both sides to my life which makes me appreciate doing a job I love.

“It felt mad to be dropping the kids to school, and then playing a gig in Birmingham that night. I jumped into a car straight after. It’s a schizophrenic life but it keeps me normal.”

Last year, The Corrs released their first album since 2005 and played a huge show in London’s Hyde Park.

Now they are in the middle of a huge tour of Ireland and the UK, before heading out to Europe and beyond.

Andrea said: “We got such a welcome. From the first song we played everybody was on their feet.

“It was incredible looking out and seeing the thousands of people who’ve come out to see us. It’s so nice they have come back to see us play because we wouldn’t be back on the road without them.”

She says that it seems a bit strange to be back on the road with her band – because so little has changed.

She continued: “The weirdness starts the moment we drive up to the venue just like we did years ago.

“A part of me thinks, ‘well this is normal’ but in another way, it feels strange because it’s so normal.

“Having both sides to my life, and we all do now, means we can enjoy it and know that getting up on stage and performing is a good moment.”

It is the first time in a decade that fans have been able to see the Corrs and the band treated them to a run through of their greatest hits.

However, the band were also delighted to find that a new song – I Do What I Like – also went down a storm with the audience.

Jim said: “Birmingham was brilliant. We couldn’t have wished for a better place to do a full comeback show.”

Check out the video for the Corrs latest single I Do What I Like.