American reflects on his honeymoon in Ireland and offers tips for visitors

American reflects on his honeymoon in Ireland and offers tips for visitors

An American man who spent his honeymoon in Ireland has created a YouTube video offering tips for first-time visitors based on his experiences.

Brady Bigalke explained that he and his wife travelled from Dublin, to Galway and down to the Dingle Peninsular.

American reflects on his honeymoon in Ireland and offers tips for visitors

His first tip is to pack a good raincoat and waterproof footwear – that goes for the whole country.

The next piece of advice is about staying in Dublin, and our host explains that if you are staying in the city centre then there is no need to spend money on taxis or public transport, because many of the major attractions are within walking distance, and it is a great way to explore.

Brady covers all manner of subjects in the video adding tips and tricks he and his wife used on their stay in Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher are a great place to walk and admire the scenery, but of course it is recommended that you exercise extreme caution when on the edge of the cliffs and be aware of the strong winds.

Brady also adds a clever trick to use when hiking. He explains that when going for a walk in the countryside it is sensible to pack plenty of extra layers and supplies so that you are prepared for all sorts of weather.

However, you may find you have more than you need for any certain section of the walk, so you can remove any unneeded clothes and bags and hide them on your route to collect on your way back.

Viewers are reminded though to make sure there are no spiders or creepy crawlies in your items before you put them back on.

The whole video is packed with great snippets of advice from the host based on his own experiences.

Many viewers have added positive feedback on Brady’s welcoming manner and entertaining style of offering advice.

Watch for yourselves below.

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