Eleven-year-old busker stuns public with voice

Eleven-year-old busker stuns public with voice

An eleven-year-old girl is an absolute sensation in her hometown Cork after her stunning busking performances literally have people stopping in the street to listen to her.
Allie Sherlock belies her young age with a fantastic singing voice, and a composure and confidence in her performance that many veteran musicians never manage.
Eleven-year-old busker stuns public with voice
The youngster has a wide repertoire of songs that allow her to show off her incredible voice.
Her performances regularly attract large crowds with passers-by pausing to stop and enjoy listening to Allie sing.
She also plays the guitar and has all the equipment for her sets, including microphone and speakers.
Many of Allie’s impressed onlookers have took out their mobile phones and recorded her singing. The videos are creating a massive buzz online, with thousands of people viewing them and posting comments of praise for Allie. She is also courteous as well as talented, often thanking well-wishers and fans online.
Allie has also expanded her busking to a few trips to Dublin and has had the same impact on the general public. Surely she has a big future in music ahead of her.
Take a look at some of Allie’s performances below.