After hours Irish trad session in takeaway shop

Irish musicians keep the party going in a late night trad session in a Galway takeaway in a great video

One of the joys of Ireland – that has people around the world looking over with envy – is the potential for things to burst into life and music anytime, anywhere.

It may seem like a stereotype but it does occasionally happen, and when it does it is usually where you would least expect it.

That was certainly the case in a video that has recently been uploaded and gone viral.
Irish musicians keep the party going in a late night trad session in a Galway takeaway in a great video
Picture the scene: you have just come out of the pub after closing time and decide to get a bit of food to take home with you before you call it a night.

It is not a particularly unusual set of circumstances, but when Lisa Kasik visited a late night takeaway in Galway, she captured something very special on film.

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She visited the chipper on Dominick Street at 3.30 in the morning, presumably after a good night on the town.

While there she saw a group of trad musicians, complete with a couple of dancers.

They performed a piece of Irish music while they sat waiting for their food and the two dancers stood dancing on the seats.

There was a decent sized crowd in the chipper and they seemed to be enjoying the music immensely as they whooped, cheered and clapped along to the music.

The performers may have had a few drinks themselves during the night and one of the dancers seemed to have brought a beer to the chipper with her.

That they were still able to sound so good at that time of the night makes it all the more impressive to us.

Take a look at the video below.

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