Hard-hitting advert warns young men about drink driving

Drink driving advert

Young men will be given a stark warning about the dangers of drinking and driving in a new hard-hitting video from the government.
It is aimed specifically at males aged 17-24 and carries the message that even one drink is too much – DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.Drink driving advert
The video was created by the Northern Irish government to serve as a reminder to all to be responsible over the festive season.
They key message of the advert is that even one drink will impair your senses and reduce your reactions and decision making abilities, meaning you a more likely to crash.
A young woman presents the story and says to the camera: “I know you think you can sink one and then drive. But what I wanna know is, how far can you sink?”
The video then shows a group of young men out enjoying and night out. One of them sinks a pint early on but then declines any further drinks as he is the designated driver.
As the ad continues, the young man’s friends have more and more drinks before they all get in the car for him to drive them home.
Throughout the female presenter questions: “How far can you sink?”
A spokesman for the government said: “It [the advert] stresses the impairing effects of alcohol on driving – even from the first drink. The message is designed to increase further the unacceptability of driving even after one drink, especially for younger males.
“PSNI statistics show that 17-24 year old males are most at risk of causing death and serious injury by drink and driving, either to themselves and other innocent road user. Our campaign is heavily targeted towards them with intense use of social media.
“All drivers though who buy and consume a pint or any other alcoholic drink should realise it could be the most expensive one they ever had – ultimately costing them or other road users their lives.”
Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd added: “As this new advertisement illustrates, there is no safe limit, so never drink and drive.
“Nobody should ever find themselves ever asking the question, I wonder if I’m ok to drive? Or trying to calculate if they are under the drink drive limit, be it after one drink, or the morning after a night out. Do not take the risk.
“The consequences, as police officers and our emergency service colleagues witness first hand, can be catastrophic”.
Last year there were 16 people killed as a result of drink driving in Northern Ireland, with young males the worst offenders.
You can watch the video for yourself below.