Adventure and excitement of a holiday in Ireland

Three American girls have been let loose in Ireland to explore the country and discover their Irish roots. It’s all part of the Gaelic Girls project. This is the view of the Happy Heart Girl.

They call me the Happy Heart. While the Romantic Girl is here to escape to a dreamland, and The Cultured Cailin is here to soak up the history, I am all about having fun! What excites me the most about Ireland is the adventure, excitement, and entertainment that fills the island with happiness.

Dublin – fesivals and fairs, street performers and parades

Being based in Dublin, it’s clear there is never a boring day in this city. There is always something going on, just a walk away. On the weekend, festivals and fairs are the norm.

St Patrick's Day, Dublin 2011
St Patrick’s Day, Dublin 2011

While here, we have already been to the World Street Performers Championship, Mayo Alive Festival, and observed the Gay Pride Parade, as well as an Animal Rights Action Network protest. Next weekend, we plan on taking a short trip to attend the world-renowned Oxegen music festival.

I must say, it is not hard to make new friends and acquaintances in Ireland. Everyone in this country is very welcoming and friendly to us Irish-American girls. I don’t know if the friendliness comes from the culture, or from the Guinness, but either way, we have had no problem meeting people.

As I am sure you can guess, one of the best places to meet people, and to enjoy yourself in Ireland is in a pub. Yes, the Guinness is good, but so are the music, dance, and conversations that also flow so easily. One thing I have taken note of in the conversations I have had is the abundance of sarcasm. I thought I was a sarcastic person until I came here. The Irish have a real knack for sarcasm and love of irony that keeps me laughing day and night.

The music here is like nothing back home. The traditional Irish songs that are played range from drinking songs to ballads, and feature instruments of all sorts. The few songs I have heard most frequently, and enjoy myself are “Whisky in the Jar,” “The Black Velvet Band,” and “Galway Girl.” On a night out, you are sure to hear each of these songs at least once, and you will find yourself singing along, stomping your feet and clapping your hands like the locals by the third time. The atmosphere of live music is electric and fills one with a wondrous sense of joy and elation.

Along with wonderfully different music comes different dancing, and I mean different in a good way. In this country I have been happy not to see any “freak dancing.” The men here keep their distance; yet have lots of confidence in their dancing- with good reason! In Ireland, no one is embarrassed to show off his or her moves, myself included.

Irish culture is something deeper than song, dance and sarcasm. It is a feeling that must be experienced to be truly understood. It is a feeling that I, for one, will never forget.