Adele stops her show to bring Irishman and his dog on stage

Irishman and his dog join Adele onstage

An Irishman and his dog became the unlikely stars of the show at a recent Adele concert.
The impromptu performance happened when the superstar singer was performing recently in London.
Irishman and his dog join Adele onstage
Adele saw a man wearing a green cape and called him and his dog up on stage for a chat and to meet the audience. The crowd cheered as man said his name was Tommy and he was Irish. The cheers grew even louder as Adele turned to the audience and asked if there were any more Irish at the concert.
Adele then gave Tommy a big hug and even had a few kisses for his dog Casper to the delight of the cheering crowd. She then let Tommy say hello to his friends in the audience before continuing with the show.
Adele may be one of the world’s leading singers but she is also loved by her fans for her down to earth attitude and easy manner with no airs and graces.
She recently starred in a carpool karaoke with James Corden.