Scottish vs Irish vs Northern Irish accents – an American view

Scottish vs Irish vs Northern Irish accents - an American view

A YouTube video comparing the different accents of Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland has amassed more than four million views.

The video features an interview with a man who has spent time in all three countries, and he talks about his experience of struggling to keep up with the locals and their accents.

He begins by talking about his time in Scotland, where he says it “rains nine days out of ten”. He talks about being confused by the phrase “it’s pure dreich today”, which means it’s grey and wet.

He also discovers the meaning of the Scottish phrase “get ben” and describes the Scottish accent as “rough around the edges” before moving on.

In comparison, he describes the Irish accent as “sing songy”. He points out that Irish people go “up and down in their voice” when they speak.

The host praises the people and city of Cork, before moving north of the border to Portadown.

He jokes that Northern Ireland is the only place in the world where a second witness would not be needed, as every sentence spoken is ended with the phrase “so it is”.

The video has proved incredibly popular on YouTube. Take a look for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore

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