A unique view of Cork, on a bike

Unique video of Cork by bike

A Brazilian backpacker has created a video which offers a unique view of one of Ireland’s major cities.

Matheus Salles, from Rio de Janeiro, visited Cork and enjoyed the former European Capital of Culture so much that he made his video by cycling through the centre and taking in some of the landmarks.
Unique video of Cork by bike
The result is a more ‘everyday’ look at Cork than you might get from glossy travel guides. The good news is that the ‘everyday’ feel of the video will still be likely to entice many people to the city.
Cork is very cycle friendly, with Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney recently saying: “We’re prioritising bikes in the city.”
This means Salles picked the perfect way to film the city. It could inspire many other visitors to follow his lead and see the city on a bike.
Take a look at the video below
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