40 days and nights without mentioning Donald Trump

Radio presenter Seán Moncrieff vows to give up mentioning Donald Trump for Lent

An Irish radio presenter has vowed to give up mentioning Donald Trump’s name for Lent.

Seán Moncrieff presents the weekday afternoon radio show Moncrieff on Newstalk. He has become tired of speaking about the US President everyday.

He believes it will his sacrifice for Lent will be good for the mental health of his listeners.

Moncrieff said: “I can’t express to you how difficult it’s going to be. Every day, I wake up and it’s something new that Trump has said or done.

“It’s exhausting and mentally draining.

“While we can’t ignore him completely, I am more than happy to leave the coverage to my colleagues, and create a Trump free zone for the entire Lenten fast.”
Moncrieff makes no apology about his particular twist on the Lent tradition.

He said: “I know traditionally you are supposed to give up something you love during this time, but turfing Trump off the show will feel just as good.”

With the US President dominating headlines across the globe, it seems that the radio presenter has given himself a mammoth task if he is to stick to his vow for the next six weeks.

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