Survey reveals the changing behaviours in the 21st century Irish dating scene

young couple

One in three Irish people has dated someone they met on social media or a dating app, according to new research.

The survey, conducted by Jury’s Inn Hotel, helps to shine a light on what the dating scene is like in 21st century Ireland.

It revealed that men are more likely than women to look for love online, with 38% of fellas using their digital devices, compared to 33% of ladies.

young couple

Men still want to pay the restaurant bill on the first date, with 61% saying they try to do so, compared to 4% of women.

A quarter of people surveyed say that the person who initiated the date should pay, while 39% say each person should pay for their share of the bill.

A third of 45-55 year olds had been out with someone the met online- compared to just 7% of over 55s.

The perfect age for couples to settle down was 26-30, according to 40% of the people quizzed, followed by ‘early 30s’ which was the preference for 35% and 20-25 (10%).

Finding the ideal partner isn’t for everyone as 1% of people chose the ‘never settle down’ option.

Suzanne Cannon is head of marketing at Jury’s Inn.

She said: “Dating in Ireland and abroad has become more diverse.

“The findings show an interesting shift from traditional dating habits with more people opting to split the bill on a first date, over letting one person pay in full.”

“The new research is indicative of the changing habits of Irish people, who still love to get out, meet new people and spend time with loved ones, whatever that means to them.”