How things have changed – 1980s Irish sex education video released

1980s Irish sex education video

A 1980s sex education video from Ireland has been uploaded on to YouTube and viewing it today shows just how much things have changed in the past 30 years.

The video was originally shown to girls in Ireland and is heavily influenced with religious messages throughout.

1980s Irish sex education video

It is hosted by Angela, a kind looking middle-aged woman dressed in a flowery dress. She begins by explaining that: “Everything is based on love and the person who loves us most of all is God.”

She then joins her hands and bows her head, and prays to God to help us understand it all.

Angela then goes on to explain the basics: “This is the newlywed couple here and they’re showing their love for each other by ‘love-making’. Love-making just means making each other feel loved. How do you make a person feel loved? Well you give them kisses and hugs and you hold them close. But between a man and a woman it’s a bit different…”

The second part of the video begins with Angela welcoming her viewers back. We are told that following the first video being about ‘your heart growing up’. This second video is about your ‘body growing up’.

She explains all the basics for those who don’t know, before summarising: “God has made it really lovely, an exciting and pleasant feeling. I mean, suppose God had made it an awful feeling, then nobody would do it, and then we wouldn’t have any babies.”

She also adds that some people are tempted to have sex before marriage but that God doesn’t want us to do this.

Some people will find the videos painful to watch now in 2016, but they were of their time and do demonstrate the real authority the Catholic Church had over the country even to up to the late part of the 20th century.

Take a look at the videos for yourself.

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