100 year-old woman thanks a pint of Guinness a day

100 year-old woman thanks a pint of Guinness a day

A pint of Guinness a day keeps the doctor away may not quite be the same version of the popular saying you have heard, but it is certainly true for centenarian Doris Olive Netting.

The Plymouth lady recently celebrated her 100th birthday and credits her long and happy life to downing a pint of the black stuff each day.
100 year-old woman thanks a pint of Guinness a day

Doris turned 100 last week and received her telegram from Queen Elizabeth II.

She was surrounded by her family and friends who threw her a surprise Guinness themed birthday party to celebrate her favourite drink.

Doris’ granddaughter, Tammy Netting, told The Sun: “She absolutely loves Guinness, she’s had a bottle a day since the war.

“She refuses to go a day without drinking it.”

In fact, Doris has enjoyed a pint of Guinness every day for almost 70 years, and claims it is the reason she has lived to see her centenary.

Such is her love for Guinness, that Doris’ family threw her a specially themed birthday party, with Guinness balloons, flavoured crisps, and of course a bottle of the black stuff.

Doris, of Plymouth, first grew a liking for Guinness after their old advertising campaigns highlighted the high iron levels contained within the drink. Several years ago, Doris was treated by her family to a visit to the Guinness Factory in St James’s Gate.

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