More than 60 Guinness recipes included in new official cookbook

More than 60 Guinness recipes included in new official cookbook

Guinness has released its own official cookbook with more than 60 delicious recipes that include the famous Irish stout.

It is a great idea given that Guinness is a key ingredient in many tasty meals with innovative chefs using it in both sweet and savoury dishes.

The official Guinness Cookbook is due to hit the shops in time for Christmas and will be a perfect gift for any enthusiastic home chefs.

There are hundreds of ways you can use Guinness when cooking, and it is a great idea to compile the best recipes into a handy cookbook.

Irish food writer Caroline Hennessey was given the testing task of whittling all the available recipes down to just over 60 – the perfect amount for a substantial cookbook.

If you are not a fan of the traditional creamy Irish stout, then there is still also something for you in the book, as Guinness is also featuring some of its lesser-known products such as the Baltimore Blonde.

The citrus beer will have its own place in the recipe book, adding a little zing to both main courses and desserts.

Guinness is one of the most iconic Irish brands in the world. It is enjoyed all around the world and the famous St James’ Gate Brewery is a huge tourist attraction in Dublin.

Every year, thousands of visitors take a tour around the brewery to see the process of how the famous drink is made.

Of course, the tour usually ends with a few pints of the black stuff in one of numerous bars within the Guinness pintglass-shaped building.

The official Guinness cookbook is sure to be a popular Christmas gift and will offer some inspiring ideas for home chefs around the world.

Cooking with Guinness is not a new concept, and we have listed several of the popular dishes from our recipe pages that feature the iconic black stout.

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