How to make an Irish Flag shot

Anyone who enjoys a drink and is looking for something ‘Irish looking’ to celebrate St Patrick’s Day (or any day they’re feeling patriotic for that matter), might want to check out this ‘Irish flag shot’.
It is a mixture of three drinks that, when poured correctly, don’t mix together and sit on top of each other perfectly to resemble the Irish tricolour of green, white and orange.
Irish Flag shot recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling
And just for the added authenticity, one of the drinks in the shot is the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream.
You will also need a measure of Green Creme de Menthe and a measure of Grand Marnier.
We have chosen a video from theFNDC, who show how to carefully create the drink in a tall shooter glass.
Take your time when layering the drink, it can take up to three minutes to get it right.
Take a look at the video below.