Niall Horan jokes about Irish Americans’ preconceptions of Irish people

Niall Horan delivers great speech about Irish Americans while hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live

Irish singer Niall Horan delighted fans with his opening show monologue as he stepped in to present the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show while the regular host was away.

The former One Direction member has a huge fanbase in the US as well as back home and was a great choice to guest host the popular primetime chat show.

Kimmel always starts his show with a comedy monologue to the audience about the recent events around the world.

Horan kept to that format and delighted the crowd and viewers with a hilarious speech that lasted a whopping 12 minutes.

The singer delivered his routine with great confidence and timing and the stint as guest host could pave the way for a permanent presenting role in the future.

Horan welcomed his audience before taking a look at some of the extreme reactions his fans had posted on social media at learning he had landed the guest host role.

The Mullingar native then addressed the fact that he is Irish, and was quick to poke fun at Irish Americans and their preconceptions about Irish people.

He said: “As I said, I’m from Ireland and when people find out I’m Irish, that’s all they want to talk about. Everybody seems to be from Ireland in America.

“They’re like ‘OMG you’re Irish?! My Dad’s brothers neighbour is Irish too! Do you know him?’. No, I don’t. And guess what? I couldn’t give two f**ks about him either.”

Horan then went on to correct the Irish American community on their pronunciation and behaviour on Ireland’s national day.

He said: “You guys are misinformed about our traditions. First of all, it’s not Patty’s Day, as in the p-a-t-t-y you put on a burger. On St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, you go to Mass and light a candle with your nanny. Speaking of which, my nanny is 91 today!”

Well done to Niall for remembering his Nanny on her birthday, she will be proud.

The star continued: “Here in America, you just sing U2 songs all day and puke green beer on your Uber driver. Even your sports teams have it wrong! Let’s have a look at the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish. Their mascot is a leprechaun, who looks like Abraham Lincoln had sex with a garden gnome.

“If you want Fightin’ Irish, Conor McGregor is fightin’ Irish. Guess what, he’ll pull your heart right through your arse.”

The comedy routine had the studio audience hanging on Horan’s every word, and no doubt the millions watching at home were in stitches too. He even had a dig at his former boss Simon Cowell which delighted fans online.

The show was a great watch as Horan chatted with music star Lizzo, and welcomed his long-time friends the Jonas Brothers to the stage to perform one of their latest songs.

Take a look at Horan’s opening monologue below.