How to make hot cross buns

Hot cross buns recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Hot cross buns recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Every year, as Good Friday approaches, we like nothing better than to get stuck into a good old hot cross bun (click here for the origins of and superstitions around the hot cross bun).

The shops stock them up on the shelves and they are on a production line in the freshly backed section in the run up to Easter.

But why rely on the local supermarket for your hot cross buns? Everybody knows things taste better when you make them yourself.

Hot cross buns recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Very few things are as delicious as a hot cross buns so we have found two different videos and recipes that are easy to follow and will leave you delighted with the results.

Firstly celebrity chef Paul Hollywood shows four novice bakers how to make the traditional Easter treat.

Hot cross buns recipe

500g strong white bread flour
2 tsp salt
75g caster sugar
2 tsp dried yeast
40g unsalted butter
2 medium eggs – beaten
120ml full fat milk, warm
120ml cool water
100g sultanas
80g mixed peel
Zest of 2 oranges
1 eating apple – cored and cut into small cubes
1 pear – cored and cut into small cubes
2 tsp ground cinnamon
For the crosses:
75g plain flour
75g water
75g Apricot jam to glaze

Take a look at Paul Hollywood’s video

In the second video, Canadian chef Nicole Knegt shows how to make gluten-free hot cross buns. This is taken from Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube channel.

Nicole Knegt’s gluten free hot cross buns recipe

2 c. (300g.) brown rice flour (finely ground)
1 c. (130g.) tapioca starch
⅓ c. (75g.) sugar
1 ½ tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 ½ tsp. cinnamon
¼ tsp. allspice
¼ tsp. nutmeg

2 tsp. (7g.) yeast
1 tsp.. sugar
½ c. (120g.) warm water

¼ c. (20g.) psyllium husk or 3 Tbsp. ground psyllium
1 tsp. xanthan gum
1 c. (230g) very hot water
3 eggs

½ c.(65g.) currants (soaked)
zest of 1 orange

Dough Cross:
4 Tbsp. (40g.) brown rice flour
1 Tbsp. tapioca starch
2 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. water
1 Tbsp. sugar

Orange Glaze:
2 Tbsp. sugar
juice of 1 orange

Take a look at the video

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