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Home-made Baileys Irish Cream recipe

Baileys Irish Cream is a delicious drink that is popular around the world, particularly as an evening treat over the festive season.

It is also used as an ingredient in various desserts such as cheesecakes, sponges, trifles and sundaes.

Home-made Irish Cream recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

However, one downside to the drink, is that it can be a bit costly, especially if a large amount is needed as ingredients for party snacks.

One way to help avoid expensive shopping bills when preparing for a dinner party is to make your own alternative to Baileys Irish Cream.

It is simple to do, and much cheaper than the real thing. And when done correctly, most people would struggle to tell the difference between real Baileys and its home-made alternative.

Baileys Irish Cream recipe

What you will need
3/4 cup whiskey
395g sweetened condensed milk
400ml thickened cream
2 tablespoons of chocolate sauce/topping
1 teaspoon of coconut essence

Here is a YouTube video from Todd’s Kitchen showing you exactly how to make your own Baileys Irish Cream.

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