Don’t leave Kilkenny until you’ve been on the Shenanigans Walking Tour

Shenanigans Walking Tour

If you ever find yourself in Kilkenny and looking for something to do then Shenanigans Walks is something you need to know about.

It is a guided walking tour through the city with all sorts of history, local knowledge, entertainment and even magic thrown in.

Shenanigans were awarded the illustrious title of the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best by TripAdvisor in 2021.

It is one of the most prestigious awards handed out by the travel site and is only handed to attractions that score in the top 1% of users’ reviews.

Many Irish people may choose to take a break in Ireland this year, and as travel restrictions begin to ease there may be more people from overseas visiting too.

Of course, there is plenty to see and do all across Ireland, but Kilkenny does have this particular gem in its armoury.

Shenanigans Walks are led by knowledgeable and entertaining guides who are happy to go at the pace of their guests as they wander round Kilkenny.

Shenanigans Walks wrote the following description of their tours on the TripAdvisor site.

“A modern twist on traditional tours, Shenanigans Walks local, expert and entertaining guides lead a fun and informative adventure of Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile. The real magic of Shenanigans is an engaging and refreshing blend of history, compelling stories, interesting fun facts, with a clever sprinkle of magic effects which bring it all to life topped off with plenty of Shenanigans.

“Weaving a path through the picturesque narrow city streets discover the hidden history and stories of the cities breathtaking landmarks, The Normans, Merchants and trace the footsteps of famous characters like “The Greatest Knight”, who ever lived, William Marshal and Kilkenny’s infamous witch Alice Kyteler. The best way to discover Kilkenny is with Shenanigans Walks.

“For all ages come enjoy 90minutes of fun on Shenanigans Walks.

“Not just a Guided but we are a MIS-Guided tour.

“Check us out it is MAGIC…..”

Adding a touch of comedy and magic to the tour has proven to be a great formula for Shenanigans.

The history and facts are certainly interesting and worthwhile, but the added ingredient of fun is often left missing by tour guides.

Thankfully, there is no chance of that with the Shenanigans guides. The cost of a tour starts from €25 per adult and the entire tour usually takes around 90 minutes.

The guides lead their guests through the city and tell the stories behind various landmarks such as Kilkenny Castle, Smithwick’s Experience, Rothe House and Garden, Kytelers Inn, Black Abbey and Kytelers Inn.

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