How to make a Guinness Cured Irish salmon

Guinness Cured smoked salmon recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Guinness might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the best ways to prepare a delicious salmon.

However, if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing a treat. Justin O’Connor, the top chef at the Guinness Storehouse has a video, showing how to make a delicious dish.

The Guinness cured salmon might not be traditionally Irish but it’s a great twist on an ever popular meal.
The Guinness, of course, gives it a distinctly Irish feel.

Guinness Cured Irish salmon recipe

Ingredients, serves four.
1 kg fresh skinless salmon
The rind and juice of two lemons
The rind and juice of one lime
25g coriander seeds
100g salt
50g sugar
50g chopped fresh dill
1 bottle of Guinness foreign extra

Guinness Cured Irish salmon

Take a look at the video below from the Guinness Storehouse Youtube channel.

This additional video shows how to Prepare Open Salmon Sandwich on Guinness Bread.

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